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Aug, 2018
2019 Admissions

Currently the Synthetic Biology CDT programme is under renewal. Please…

Jul, 2018
Jan, 2018
Additional Studensthips - CRUK Oxford Centre

The Synthetic Biology CDT is pleased to announce a new initiative with the…

Nov, 2017
DTC students organise UK's first BIOMOD team

Nov, 2017
Could the answer to the Antibiotic Resistance crisis lie at the bottom of our oceans?

Researchers at the University of Bristol are using bacteria from ocean…

Nov, 2017
DTC Open Day 2017

The open day is running on the 29th of November from 11-1pm in the Rex…

Jul, 2017
Chemical Biology Doctoral Programme

We are delighted to announce several places on our new Chemical Biology…

Jun, 2017
Clare West (SABS 2015) wins poster prize

Clare West (SABS 2015 cohort) has won the Department of Statistics’ poster…

Jun, 2017
Jaroslaw Nowak (SABS 2013) co-author on paper in Nature Communications

Jaroslaw Nowak (SABS 2013 cohort) is a co-author of a paper in Nature…

Jun, 2017
Eleven DTC students co-author paper on interdisciplinary research

Eleven DTC students have co-authored a paper to share what they’ve learnt…