Career Preparation

The EPSRC- and BBSRC-funded Synthetic Biology CDT is an exciting collaboration between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Warwick which started in 2014. Our first cohort will not graduate before October 2018, and we are looking forward with great interest to see what their next career steps will be.

The programme combines world-leading expertise in engineering and the physical and life sciences across all three Universities to create the next generation of industrial and academic leaders in this important new field. Synthetic Biology provides opportunities for revolutionary advances in fundamental science and industrial technology. The CDT's four-year programme of research and training has strong industrial links and is highly multi-disciplinary, accepting students from a wide range of scientific backgrounds and focusing on the application of engineering principles to the design of biologically based parts, devices, and systems.

Key Objectives:

  • Provide basic background in engineering, biology, biochemistry, experimental techniques and biological physics.
  • Provide practical and theoretical research skills in mathematical modelling, scientific computing, computer programming, and statistical methods.
  • Provide extensive generic career development training in communication, presentation, writing, rhetoric and reading literature across disciplines (throughout the four-year programme).