This page provides a list of academics that can supervise projects for the Synthetic Biology CDT programme. It is not an exclusive list - any academic at Oxford, Bristol and Warwick can potentially act as a supervisor as long as the project falls in remit. If you have any questions about supervisory arrangements please contact us.

Potential University Project Supervisors - University of Oxford

Supervisor   Discipline
Aidong Yang Engineering Science
Alessandro Abate Computer Science
Andrew Angel Biochemistry
Andrew Turberfield Physics
Anthony Watts Biochemistry
Antoine  Jerusalem Engineering Science
Antonis Papachristodoulou Engineering Science
Ard Louis Physics
Hagan Bayley Chemistry
Ben Davis Chemistry
Ian Thompson Engineering Science
Zhanfeng Cui Engineering Science
Hua Ye Engineering Science
Mark Howarth Biochemistry
Philip Biggin Biochemistry
George Wadhams Biochemistry
Jane Mellor Biochemistry
Robert Klose Biochemistry
Steven Kelly Plant Sciences
Lee Sweetlove Plant Sciences
Jane Kaye Law
Julian Savulescu Philosophy
Clive  Siviour Engineering Science
Eamonn Gaffney Mathematical Institute
Jotun Hein Statistics
David Fell Biological and Medical Sciences
Philip Maini Mathematics
Richard Berry Physics
Ellis O'Neill Plant Sciences
Judith Armitage Biochemistry
Chris Schofield Chemistry
David Gavaghan Computer Science
Charlotte Deane Statistics
Marta Kwiatkowska Computer Science
Fritz  Volrath Zoology
Ian Moore Plant Sciences
Michael Booth Chemistry
Mark Sansom Biochemistry
Philip Poole Plant Sciences
Tom Brown Chemistry
Bela Novak Biochemistry
Kevin Foster Zoology
Jonathan Doye Chemistry
Hong Zeng Engineering Science
Wei Huang Engineering Science
Bass Hassan Pathology
Robert Carlisle Engineering Science
Edmond Walsh Engineering Science
Jonathan Bath Physics
Leonard  Seymour Oncology
Omer Dushek Pathology
Peter Minary Computer Science
Phillip Stansfeld Biochemistry
Stuart West Zoology
Tanmay Bharat Pathology
Tim Nott Biochemistry
Tudor Fulga NDM
Wyatt Yue Structural Genomics Consortium

Potential University Project Supervisors - University of Bristol

Supervisor   Discipline
Shelley Allen Clinical Sciences
Ross Anderson Biochemistry
Massimo Antognozzi Physics
Andy Bailey Biological Sciences
George Banting Biochemistry
Gary Barker Biological Sciences
Robin Bedford Chemistry
Steve Burston Biochemistry
Ian Collinson Biochemistry
John Crosby Chemistry
Matt Crump Chemistry
Paul Curnow Biochemistry
Andrew Davidson Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Tony Davis Chemistry
Sean Davis Chemistry
Mario Di Bernardo Engineering Mathematics
Mark Dillingham Biochemistry
Keith Edwards Biological Sciences
Carmen Galan Chemistry
Julian Gough Computer Sciences
Claire Grierson Biological Sciences
Simon Hall Chemistry
Simon Hanna Physics
Sabine Hauert Engineering Mathematics
Mark Jepson Biochemistry
Mike Jones Biochemistry
Colin Lazarus Biological Sciences
Noah Linden Maths
Tannie Liverpool Maths
Steve Mann Chemistry
Ian Manners Chemistry
Lucia Marucci Engineernig Mathematics
Dave Matthews Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Chris Melhuish Robotics
Mervyn Miles Physics
Adrian Mulholland Chemistry
Adam Perriman Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Paul Race Biochemistry
Nicholas Roberts Biological Sciences
Nigel Savery Biochemistry
Richard Sessions Biochemistry
Tom Simpson Chemistry
Ash Toye Biochemistry
Paul Verkade Biochemistry
Neil Williams Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Chris Willis Chemistry
Dek Woolfson Chemistry
Jonathan Rossiter Engineering
Jo Adams Biochemistry
Alan Champneys Engineering
Alistair Hetherington Biological Sciences
Andrew Wray Research & Enterprise Development
Daniel Robert Biological Sciences
Andrew Orr-Ewing Chemistry
Andrew Davidson Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Annela Seddon Physics
Anthony Clarke Biochemistry
Anthony Hollander Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Antony Dodd Biological Sciences
Ariel  Blocker Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Bo Su Oral and Dental Sciences
Christoph Wulfing Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Christopher Dempsey Biochemistry
David  Wraith Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Gary Foster Biological Sciences
Heinrich Hoerber Physics
Heather Whitney Biological Sciences
Jeremy Harvey Chemistry
Jeremy Tavare Biochemistry
Jim Spencer Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Karoline Wiesner Maths
Kathleen Sedgley Chemistry
Katy Turner Veterinary Sciences
Kevin Gaston Biochemistry
Linda Wooldridge Veterinary Sciences
Luca Giuggioli Biological Sciences
Mark Szczelkun Biochemistry
Monica Berry Physics
Mumtaz Virji Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo Biological Sciences
Peter Green Maths
Leo Brady Biochemistry
Robert  Richardson Physics
Russell Cox Chemistry
Stephen Halford Biochemistry
Stephen Wiggins Maths
Terence McMaster Physics
Tim Gallagher Chemistry
Varinder Aggarwal Chemistry

Potential University Project Supervisors - University of Warwick

Supervisor   Discipline
Declan Bates Engineering
Nigel Stocks Engineering
Igor Khovanov Engineering
Matthew Turner Physics
Orkun Soyer Life Sciences
David Rand Systems Biology
Mike Chappell Engineering
Marco Polin Physics
Sara Kalvala Computer Science
Rachel O'Reilly Chemistry
Robert Cross Chemistry
Elizabeth Wellington Life Sciences
Judith Klein Medical School
Ann Dixon Chemistry
Vardis Ntoukakis Life Sciences
John McCarthy Life Sciences
Hendrik Schäfer Life Sciences
Yin Chen Life Sciences
Gregory Challis Chemistry
Christophe Corre Chemistry
Christopher Dowson Life Sciences
David  Scanlan Life Sciences
James Benyon Life Sciences
Alfonso Jaramillo Life Sciences
Andre Pires da Silva Life Sciences
Katherine Denby Life Sciences
Miriam Gifford Life Sciences
Kevin Purdy Life Sciences
Daniel Hebenstreit Life Sciences
Patrick Schaefer Life Sciences
Nicholas Lee Institute of Education
David Roper Life Sciences
Munehiro Asally Life Sciences
Lorenzo Figerio Life Sciences
Mark Girolami Statistics