The EPSRC & BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology is a doctoral training program that combines the fundamental understanding of biological systems with the principles of engineering, so as to create the next generation of industrial and academic leaders in the nascent field of Synthetic Biology. The CDT focuses on the design and engineering of biologically based parts, novel devices and systems as well as the re-design of existing, natural biological systems across all scales from molecules to organisms.

SynBioCDT builds on the multi-disciplinary expertise offered by the research environment at the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Warwick to provide training that covers all parts of this extremely broad remit, including not only individual cells but self-assembled biomimetic systems, engineered microbial communities and multicellular organisms. Such coverage is vital in the emerging area of Synthetic Biology.

The training programme has been created in partnership with industrial, academic and public facing organizations and includes responsible innovation, transferrable skills and outreach activities. SynBioCDT will endow you with the skills necessary to fulfil the potential of Synthetic Biology and to have a strong impact in this area.

You should have a background in the engineering, mathematical, physical, chemical or biological sciences and be motivated to conduct research in this field. Our programme will endow you with the skills necessary to succeed, in collaboration with our industrial partners. You can apply through any of the three partner institutions.

The SynBioCDT programme is 4-year long. The first six months are devoted to acquiring advanced theoretical and technical skills that form the backbone of Synthetic Biology, drawing from the engineering, mathematical, physical, chemical and biological sciences. This will be combined with research and communication skills training, through a combination of intensive lecture courses and project work.

After completion of the modules, in the second six months of your first year, you will undertake two Exploratory Research Projects of 10 weeks duration. You will have to undertake at least one of these projects in your host institution.

On completion of the Exploratory Research Projects students undertake their substantive PhD research project in their host organization with the students based within the research groups of their principal supervisor. Throughout this period, the Centre continues to monitor closely the needs for continuing training and support, tailored to each student.