Skills Training

Studying for a DPhil requires an aptitude for original, independent and critical thinking, as well as the ability to write reports, present data, and manage projects. Additionally, working at the interface between the life and physical sciences and across the boundary between industry and academia requires a particularly high degree of flexibility, as the presentation of research can differ greatly depending on context.

The Career Development programme, which runs throughout the 4 years at the Doctoral Training Centre, is designed not only to equip students with the necessary skillset to carry out their research at Oxford, but also provides an opportunity to develop personal transferable skills.

Through a series of lectures and seminars, students will be able to improve their competence and confidence as researchers. These qualities are not only key in research, but equally important in many careers.

Students can access additional training in professional skills through courses organised by the MPLS and Medical Sciences Divisions.

To learn more please visit the MPLS Graduate School and Medical Science Skills Training websites.

To learn more about training in entrepreneurial skills please visit Enterprising Oxford

All students will participate in outreach activities and the i-DTC conference (3rd Years present posters, 4th years give a talk).